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Shenzhen PICEA Motion Technology Co., Ltd.(or PICEA Motion for short) is a subsidiary of Shenzhen PICEA Motion Technology Co., Ltd. Its registered capital is 50 million Yuan (RMB), specializing in the manufacturing and sales of precision harmonic gear drive reducer and devices, robotic systems, and electromechanical equipment.

Our harmonic drive company has strong professional and technical strength, has an excellent R&D and management team, has introduced a number of world-class processing and testing equipment from abroad, and established an industrial robot engineering laboratory. In addition, it has established cooperation with the University of Tokyo and the University of Tsukuba. Close cooperation between industry, university, and research institutes.

At present, there are a number of software copyrights and invention patents. The industry has won many awards such as the Industrial Design "Red Sails Award" Technology Innovation Award, the Golden Finger Innovation Product Award, and the World Robotics Congress's Most Innovative Product Award.

The products are sold to domestic and foreign markets, and the number of customers has reached more than 300. It is widely used in robotics(harmonic drives in robotics), communication equipment, medical equipment, testing and analysis equipment, and other fields. Based on the corporate philosophy of “Innovative Craftsmanship",  Motivated by a desire for "sophisticated craftsmanship", we will continuously enhance product value and service and strive to become the most reliable expert in precision harmonic drive in the world.

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Types of Gear Box

HMCG Series Harmonic Drive Cup Type: Input and output are coaxial, there is no backlash, and the HMCG Series' positioning and rotational accuracy are very good. Harmonic drive gear box is a cup-type harmonic drive.

HMHG Series Harmonic Drive Hat Type: The power drive gearbox has a conventional hollow flanging structure, is small in size, has zero backlashes, coaxial output and input, and has high positioning and rotation accuracy.

HMCD Series Harmonic Drive Cup Type: Ultra-flat harmonic drive (HMCD) strain wave gears feature outstanding positioning and rotational accuracy, is lightweight and compact, and is input and output coaxial. 

HMHD Series Harmonic Drive Hat Type: The shorter Flexspline component set and the high capacity output bearing make up the HMCD-III harmonic waveform generator. There are 5 sizes and 4 ratios available.

Company Culture

Hans Motion Company Culture
Company Culture

Leading, fast, service, sharing

Hans Motion Business Philosophy
Business Philosophy

Exquisite & Lingenious

Hans Motion Company Values

Customer First, Work hard and perseveringly, 
Embrace change, Be brave to take responsibility, 
Self-criticism, Result-oriented

Hans Motion Company Mission
Our Mission

With the aim of "providing first-class products and professional services to customers",
we are committed to becoming the world's most trusted expert in the precision harmonic drive.

Honor Certificates

Picea Motion high tech harmonic drive company
Picea Motion high tech harmonic drive company
harmonic drive for industrial robots
harmonic drive for industrial robots
industrial harmonic drive design
industrial harmonic drive design
golden finger of harmonic drive
golden finger of harmonic drive
Picea Motion capek award
Picea Motion capek award
harmonic drive for robots application
harmonic drive for robots application

Our History

Motivated by a corporate philosophy of "artisanal spirit”, we will continuously enhance product value and improve our service. We strive to become the most reliable expert in precision harmonic drive in the world.

Focus on the lightweight and compact size of the harmonic reducer. Ultra-flat series products enter the market.

August 2017

Established customer relations with Zhuhai Gree, Wasu Robot, Zhejiang Qixing, and Dongguan QUADRO Robot; Products had gradually obtained recognition in the market.

July 2017

PICEA  harmonic reducer was awarded the "Red Sail Award for Industrial Design".

March 2017

The development and testing of short-tube, light-weight, and high-torque harmonic reducers were finished, being in the final verification phase.

February 2017

6 series (more than 100 types) of harmonic reducers were successively manufactured, formally entering the market.
The using tests of multiple mainstream robot manufacturers were finished. Several key technologies, including product precision, lifetime stability, and noise control, of PICEA harmonic reducer, had reached the same product lever as foreign companies, and the technical index ranked first in China.

June 2016

 All tests were basically finished, establishing a complete internal inspection standard process.

February 2016

Established PICEA Motion R & D Production Base that introduced a batch of world-class processing and testing equipment from abroad, forming scale production
Established close industry-university cooperation with Tokyo University and Tsukuba University

April 2015

PICEA Motion was set up.


All test results had reached the standards after a mass of measured data. The precision harmonic reducer reaching the using standard of the industrial robot had been produced and continuously gone through tests and inspections by many domestic and foreign institutions.


Pilot production, applied to robot test and inspection inside the company.


Successfully broke through the difficulties in the non-standard design of double-arc tooth profiles, designed and manufactured the prototype of the first harmonic reducer, and began to make repeated tests and continuous improvement.


A group of professional technicians gathered in Han’s Laser and set up the R & D team to develop harmonic drive technology in the industrial robot field from scratch.


Employees Enjoy The Following Aspects of Welfare

According to the law, we should take all social insurance as a whole: sign a labor contract starting from the date of employee entry, do provident fund and all social insurance plans (including "endowment insurance", "medical insurance", "industrial injury insurance", "maternity insurance" and "unemployment insurance").

Note: the insurance program varies according to whether the employee's household registration is in Shenzhen.

• Adjustable work cadre: The company is the entry of more than 2 years, good performance continued and in line with the Shenzhen City, the backbone of the staff transferred to the conditions for the account transferred formalities.

• Transportation: a number of routes are provided in Shenzhen.

• employee dormitories: the company has a number of single apartments and residential apartments in the Shenzhen high-tech Zone, which can be arranged for employees.

• Book reimbursement: the books related to the job purchased by the employees may be reimbursed according to the corresponding standards.

• Free physical examination: a comprehensive physical examination is arranged every year.

Vacation Policy

• Employees enjoy the following paid vacation benefits:

• National statutory holidays: all holidays are unified in accordance with the government's prescribed holiday time.

• marriage leave, funeral leave, and maternity leave for female employees, according to the "labor law" and referring to the relevant provisions of the state.

The Wage Income of Employees Includes The Following Aspects

Basic salary: the wage part that matches the job/skill.

Performance bonus: the part of the salary that is affected by the performance of the work.

Other income is:

Post allowance, housing subsidy, communication subsidy

Bonus: special bonus, sales bonus, project award, R & D project award, year-end bonus, and so on.

Note: the company deducted the personal income tax according to the salary income of the employees according to the law.

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