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Harmonic Drive Used for Medical Equipment

The Relationship Between The Medical Industry And The Gearbox

Over the past few decades, automation has permeated all fields of production in pharmaceuticals and medical technology, bringing production processes to a whole new level with positive benefits for both patients and employees. These newly developed materials and medical inventions not only revolutionized the medical industry but also had a huge impact on the gear industry.


Harmonics and Planetary Gearboxes in Medical Devices

Today, harmonic and planetary gears are widely used in numerous medical devices, including operating tables, medical diagnostic equipment, and various gear pumps for medical management applications. For example, to achieve smooth and quiet surgery, an efficient right-angle planetary gearbox is an absolute must. Only in this way can the bed be perfectly adjusted. In addition, operating tables need to be equipped with gear motors with low voltage and safety features, and medical diagnostics require hollow shaft gearboxes for power scanning.


China harmonic reducer manufacturer PICEA Motion can provide you with various types of harmonic drive gearboxes for different kinds of medical devices.

Harmonic Drive For Medical Equipment Manufacturer

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