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Liu Qingsheng, Standing Committee of Shenzhen Municipal Committee

During the visit, Gao Yunfent introduced core technology, construction progress, and the current achievement of PICEA Motion to Liu Qingsheng. Also, the Deputy Mayor and Gao Yunfeng paid special attention to industry status and development prospects and had a further discussion on these important issues.

Hans Motion Harmonic Gearbox Factory

It was said PICEA Motion team, on the basis of theoretical calculation and finite element analysis, combined a sophisticated detection system to obtain a large amount of test data, used a multi-objective regression optimization method to successfully break non-standard design difficulties of double arc, and developed harmonic reducers with a breakthrough. By far, PICEA Motion has independently developed 8 series and 18 models of speed ratio. And now there are more than 100 kinds of reducers in total.

Liu Qingsheng, the deputy mayor, gave his most attention to the R&D center of PICEA Motion. There he learned about the production and processing ability and visited much large precision equipment and independently developed detection equipment by company. Then he gave high praise to the strategy of grasping late-mover advantage, attacking the core technology problem of harmonic reducer, and promoting domestication. In addition, he encouraged PICEA Motion to insist on innovation drive and make more contributions to the development of China’s high-end manufacturing industry.

After going through a lot of market challenges and inspections, PICEA Motion harmonic reducers now have reached the level of foreign similar products in the key technologies including product precision, lifetime, stability, and noise control. And its technical index ranks first in China.

With the corporate values of “Exquisite & Ingenious”, PICEA Motion closely grasps the market needs, positively catches up with an international advanced standard, deeply advances harmonic reducer business, and optimizes product quality to make its products compete with foreign brands, which is not only the mission of Han's Laser as a national enterprise but also the spirit of PICEA Motion.

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