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Through big data modeling, simulation optimization and performance verification, harmonic drive actuator company PICEA Motion team realizes the optimal design of tooth profile, breaks through barriers of experience accumulation and correction in transmission design, and continuously improves and innovates in the harmonic drive gear reducer parameter performance, product structure, processing technology, material and appearance of harmonic gear drive reducer. Through long-term technical experience, PICEAPICEA harmonic gear drive reducer has improved in product accuracy, service life, stability, noise control and some other key technologies have reached the highest level in the world, and the technical indicators are in the forefront. Meanwhile, our harmonic drive costs are also competitive.

At present, PICEA harmonic drive gear reducer supplier has independently developed and produced 11 harmonic drive reducer series and more than 300 harmonic speed reducers and newly upgraded to high torque series, which improves gear reduction drive accuracy and service life, reduces vibration and noise, with more stable and reliable performance. Our harmonic drive actuators cover the intelligent manufacturing industry and harmonic speed reducer is widely used in aerospace, communication equipment, robots, semiconductor processing equipment, medical equipment, testing and analysis equipment and other fields.

Different Types of Harmonic Drive Gears

Harmonic Gear Drive Reducer Advantages

Harmonic gear drive reducers offer several advantages in gear reduction drives, making them a popular choice for various applications. PICEA MOTION is a reputable harmonic gear drive reducer supplier, providing reliable and high-quality products.

One key advantage of harmonic drive gear box is their compact size and lightweight construction. Compared to traditional gearboxes, harmonic drives offer a higher gear reduction ratio within a smaller package. This feature makes them ideal for applications where space is limited or weight needs to be minimized.

Additionally, the harmonic drive gear delivers excellent precision and backlash-free operation. The unique design of the reductor harmonic drive ensures smooth and accurate motion transmission, resulting in improved positioning accuracy and reduced vibration. This makes it suitable for applications that require high precision, such as robotics, automation, and aerospace systems.

Furthermore, harmonic gearing drives offer high torque-to-weight ratios, enabling efficient power transmission. Power drive gearbox can handle high torque loads while maintaining a compact and lightweight design, making them energy-efficient and cost-effective.

By purchasing harmonic gear drive from PICEA MOTION, customers can benefit from their expertise as a trusted harmonic drive company. PICEA MOTION provides reliable harmonic gear drive reducer and exceptional customer service, ensuring that customers receive the best harmonic gear drives for their specific needs.

In summary, the reductor harmonic drive offers advantages such as compact size, precision, high torque-to-weight ratios, and backlash-free operation. PICEA MOTION serves as a reliable supplier for those looking to buy harmonic drives, providing top-quality products and comprehensive support for harmonic speed reducer gearboxes.

Harmonic Gear Drive Reducer Applications

Harmonic gear drive reducers find wide-ranging applications in gear reduction drives, making them highly versatile and sought after in various industries. PICEA MOTION, a reputable harmonic gear drive supplier, offers the option to buy harmonic gear drives suitable for diverse applications, including those in robotics, industrial laser cutting, and packaging food processing.

In robotics, harmonic gearbox drives are commonly utilized due to their compact size, high precision, and backlash-free operation. The speed gear reducer enables accurate and smooth motion control, enhancing the performance and efficiency of robotic systems.

For industrial laser cutting applications, gear reduction drive plays a crucial role in translating the rotational motion of the motor to precise linear motion. The precise movement control and high torque capabilities of the reductor harmonic drive ensure accurate and efficient laser cutting processes.

In the packaging and food processing industry, harmonic gear drives are employed to achieve precise and synchronized movements in packaging machines. They enable consistent and reliable operation, ensuring smooth product handling and packaging.

PICEA MOTION serves as one of the reliable reduction gears suppliers, offering types of gear boxes tailored to specific application requirements. With their expertise and quality products, PICEA MOTION provides customers with optimal solutions for speed reducer gearboxes in a variety of applications, including robotics, industrial laser cutting, and packaging food processing.

How to Make A Gear Reduction Box?

Creating a reduction drive gearbox involves a systematic process to ensure precision and functionality.

Select Gear Ratios: Begin by determining the desired harmonic gear drive ratios for the reduction box. This involves understanding the speed and torque requirements for your specific application.

Gather Materials: Acquire the necessary materials, including gears, shafts, bearings, and a housing. Ensure the materials are durable and can withstand the intended load and environmental conditions.

Design the Gear Train: Develop a harmonic drive gear train layout based on the selected ratios. This involves arranging gears on shafts and calculating the number of teeth to achieve the desired reduction.

Assemble Gears and Shafts: Place the harmonic gear drive reducers on the designated shafts, ensuring proper alignment and spacing. Use precision tools to secure gears in place, promoting smooth rotation.

Incorporate Bearings: Integrate bearings into the housing to support the rotating shafts. Proper bearing installation is crucial for reducing friction and ensuring longevity.

Seal the Housing: Seal the housing to protect the gear speed reducers and bearings from contaminants. This step is critical for maintaining the efficiency and durability of the gear reduction box.

Test and Adjust: Conduct thorough testing to ensure the reduction drive gearbox operates as intended. Make any necessary adjustments to achieve the desired performance, addressing issues such as noise or vibration.

Lubrication: Apply suitable lubricants to the gears and bearings to minimize friction and reduce wear. Regular maintenance, including lubrication, is essential for prolonging the life of the reduction drive gearbox.

Harmonic Drive Working Principle

Harmonic Drive Harmonic Gear Transmission Principle

Harmonic Gear Transmission Principle

The harmonic gear drive was invented by an American inventor, C· W· Musser. user in 1955, It is a new type of transmission, which uses the elastic deformation of flexible components for motion or power transmission. The reductor harmonic drive breaks through the mode of using the rigid component to realize mechanical drive, but with a flexible component instead, thus obtaining a series of special functions that other transmissions cannot reach. Its name comes from the deformation process of the intermediate flexible component, which is a symmetrical harmonic. Except that the former Soviet. Union called this kind of transmission"Wave Transmission" or "Flexible Gear Drive", other countries like America, England, Ger many, and Japan all called it "Harmonic Drive'.

Reduction Gearbox Deceleration Principle

Harmonic Gear Deceleration Principle

The principle of harmonic drive gear transmission deceleration is to use the relative motion of the flexible gear, rigid gear, and strain wave drive  and harmonic waveform generator(mainly the controllable elastic deformation of the flexible gear), to realize the motion and power transmission. The elliptical cam in the wave generator rotates in the flexible gear, causing the flexible gear to deform. When the flexible gear teeth and the rigid gear teeth at both ends of the long shaft of the elliptical cam in the wave generator enter the engagement, the flexible gear teeth at both ends of the short shaft are disengaged from the rigid gear teeth. For the teeth between the long shaft and the shor t shaft of the wave generator, the half meshing state that is gradually entering into the meshing along the different parts of the circumference of the flexible gear and the rigid gear, is called meshing and the half meshing state that is gradually disengaging is called engaging-out. The continuous rotation of the elliptical cam in the wave generator makes the flexible gear deform constantly, which causes the teeth at the flexible gear and rigid gear to shift between the states of engaging-in, meshing, engaging-out, and disengagement, thus realizing motion transmission from active wave generator to the flexible gear.


Types of Gear Box the Composition of the Harmonic Gear Assembly

The Composition Of The Harmonic Gear Assembly

Rigid gear: A rigid internal harmonic drive gear, usually 2 teeth more than a flexible gear, usually fixed onto the case;

Flexible gear: Thin-cup metal elastic part with gears on the outer ring of the opening part. This harmonic gear deforms with the rotation of the wave generator and is usually connected to the output shaft;

Wave generator: Consisting of an elliptical cam and a flexible bearing, usually connected with an input shaft. The inner ring of the flexible bearing is fixed on the cam, and the outer ring can be elastically shaped into an ellipse through the ball bearing.

Harmonic Drive Wiki

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, the artificial labor in many areas are now replaced by robots. Although the cost of robot is very high, it has created huge benefits for enterprises. Not only saves labor greatly, but also works efficiently. The wide use of industrial robots can not only improve the quality and capacity, but also be of great significance to ensure personal safety, improve the working environment, reduce labor intensity, improve labor productivity, save raw material consumption and reduce production costs.

Planetary Gear Set

In recent years, as long as we talk about industrial robots, they will connect to the harmonic gear drive reducer. The industrial robot industry chain can be divided into core parts, manufacturing, and system-integrated application. Among them, the core parts are the basis of robot development and cost up to 72% of the total cost of the robot. And the most important is the precision robot speed reducer (mainly harmonic drive and RV Reducer) which cost accounts for 36%.

Harmonic drive reducer is widely used in the field of industrial automation because of their small volume, light weight, large torque, compact installation, large transmission ratio, and high transmission accuracy. At present, with the rapid development of industrial automation, the demand for harmonic drive gear reducer has also increased a lot, and the supply continues to exceed the demand.

Right Angle Gearbox

PICEA MOTION is also one of the reduction gears suppliers engaged in the R & D and production of Harmonic Drive Reducer. At present, its products are at the forefront of China manufacturers. It has independently developed 12 product series and 300 + harmonic drives, which have been widely used in the automation industry.

Over the past few years, this small but very important parts for the robot, account for about 30% of the total cost of the robot. The cost accounts for the highest proportion of all key parts. However, the development in China is not so smooth. The harmonic drive actuator is called "nail house" and "big trouble" in the development of domestic robots. Moreover, foreign brands almost occupy the high-end application field, and the development of domestic robots still has a long way to go.

Harmonic Drive China Applications
Robotics & Automation
Han's Motion provides precision harmonic drive for industrial robots and automation.
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Industrial Laser Cutting
Han's Motion provides precision harmonic drive for industrial laser cutting.
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Han's Motion provides precision harmonic drive for aerospace.
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Medical Equipment
Han's Motion provides precision harmonic drive for medical equipment.
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Industrial Machinery
Han's Motion provides precision harmonic drive for industrial machinery.
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Packaging Food Processing
Han's Motion provides precision harmonic drive for packaging food processing.
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