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What Are The Advantages Of Harmonic Reducers?

Harmonic reducers were only developed in China in the 1960s and 1970s, and many manufacturers have specialized in production and serialization. Widely used in electronics, aerospace, robotics(harmonic drives in robotics) and other industries, due to its unique advantages, the application in the chemical industry is gradually increasing.


Model Series Of Harmonic Reducers

  • Cup series harmonic drive reducer

  • Hat type series harmonic drive reducer

  • Ultra-thin series harmonic drive reducer

  • High torque type series harmonic drive reducer


The Main Advantages Of Harmonic Reducers

  1. The transmission speed ratio of china harmonic reducer is large. The speed ratio of single-stage harmonic gear transmission ranges from 70 to 320, which can reach 1,000 in some devices, and the speed ratio of multi-stage transmission can reach more than 30,000. It can be used not only for deceleration, but also for acceleration.

  2. High bearing capacity. This is because the number of teeth meshed at the same time in the harmonic gear transmission is large, and the number of teeth meshed at the same time in the dual-wave transmission can reach more than 30% of the total number of teeth, and the flex wheel adopts high-strength materials, and the teeth are in surface contact.

  3. High transmission precision. This is because the number of teeth meshed at the same time in the harmonic gear transmission is large, and the error is averaged, that is, the multi-tooth meshing has a mutual compensation effect on the error, so the transmission precision is high. In the case of the same gear accuracy level, the transmission error is only about 1/4 of the ordinary cylindrical gear transmission. At the same time, the radius of the wave generator can be slightly changed to increase the deformation of the flexible wheel, so that the backlash is very small, and even meshing without backlash can be achieved.

  4. High transmission efficiency and smooth movement. Due to the uniform radial movement of the flex gear teeth during the transmission process, even if the input speed is high, the relative slip speed of the gear teeth is still extremely low (so it is a percent of the ordinary involute gear transmission) , Therefore, the gear tooth wear is small and the efficiency is high (up to 69%~96%). And because both sides of the gear are engaged in the work when it is engaged in and out, there is no impact phenomenon and the movement is stable.

  5. The structure is simple, the number of parts is small, and the installation is convenient. There are only three basic components, and the input and output shafts are coaxial, so the structure is simple and the installation is convenient.

  6. Small size and light weight. Compared with the general reducer, when the output torque is the same, the volume of the harmonic gear reducer can be reduced by 2/3 and the weight can be reduced by 1/2.

  7. The movement can be transmitted to the confined space. Using the flexible characteristics of the flexible wheel, this valuable advantage of the wheel drive is unmatched by other existing drives.

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