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What Is The Internal Structure Of Harmonic Reducer And How Does It Work Together?

The harmonic reducer, also known as the harmonic drive reducer , is a deceleration device with deceleration and transmission functions. The transmission structure is a reduction motor integrated machine assembled by a gear box and a transmission motor. What is the internal structure of the china harmonic reducer and how does it work together? 

Gear, Shaft And Bearing of Harmonic Drive

The pinion is integrated with the high-speed shaft, that is, the gear shaft structure is adopted. This structure is used for occasions where the diameter of the gear and the diameter of the shaft are not much different. The large gear is assembled on the low-speed shaft and fixed in the circumferential direction with flat keys. The parts on the shaft are axially fixed by shaft shoulders, bushings and bearing caps. Due to the axial component force when the gears mesh, the two shafts are supported by a pair of tapered roller bearings to bear the combined effect of radial load and axial load. The bearing is lubricated with lubricating oil. 

To prevent the hot oil from the gear meshing from directly entering the bearing, an oil ring is provided between the bearing and the pinion, on the inner wall of the box located in the bearing seat hole. In order to prevent the leakage of lubricant in the box and the entry of external dust and foreign matter into the box at the junction of the shaft extension section and the bearing transparent cover, a sealing element is installed in the bearing transparent cover.

Box of Harmonic Drive

The harmonic gear box is also the shell, which is an important component of the planetary reducer. It is the base of the transmission parts and should have sufficient strength and rigidity. The casing is usually cast with gray cast iron, and cast steel casings can also be used for heavy-duty reducers subjected to shock loads. In order to simplify the process and reduce the cost of the reducer produced in a single piece, the steel plate welding box can be used. 

The box is cast from grey cast iron. In order to facilitate the installation and disassembly of shafting components, the box body is made horizontally split along the axis line. The upper box cover and the lower box seat are connected as a whole by ordinary bolts. The connecting bolts of the bearing housing should be as close as possible to the bearing housing holes, and the bosses beside the bearing housing should have enough bearing surface to place the connecting bolts and ensure the spanner space required for tightening the bolts. 

In order to ensure that the box body has sufficient rigidity, a reinforcing rib is added near the bearing seat. In order to ensure the stability of the reducer on the base and reduce the machining area of the box base plane as much as possible, the box base generally does not use a complete plane.

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