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PICEA's Laser is Waiting for You in Jinan, Hangzhou, Dongguan


Highlights of the exhibition


International strength

DME Dongguan International Machine Tool Exhibition, as a bridge and link for the development of South China and China's manufacturing industry, builds technical exchanges and business cooperation, and builds a business platform integrating equipment exhibition, machine procurement, technical exchange and manufacturing experience for the global advanced manufacturing industry.

Focus areas

Facing the development trend of high-end CNC machine tools, intelligent manufacturing, industrial automation, core components, artificial intelligence and other industries, it focuses on the latest technologies and achievements in the field of industrial and high-end equipment manufacturing, and integrates global resources.


Exhibition strength

2023 China (Hangzhou) International Laser Technology and Equipment Exhibition is currently an exhibition with high specifications and great influence in the Yangtze River Delta region. It focuses on displaying the latest products and technologies in the laser technology and equipment industry, establishes a brand image for the company, promotes trade cooperation, market development, leads the industry trend, strengthens the interaction between production, research and development, and sales, gaining insight into the new trends in the future development of domestic and foreign markets.

Advantages and highlights

Gather the latest sales information and meet high-quality buyers; seek new business opportunities through industry division of labor and cooperation and industrial chain needs; release new technologies and display new products on an excellent platform, gain marketing and brand building opportunities, and improve industry awareness degree etc.


Exhibition strength

The 26th Jinan International Machine Tool Exhibition in 2023 is a professional exhibition about CNC machine tools in China (Shandong) International Equipment Manufacturing Expo. As a high-quality industrial event in the economic circle around the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea, it covers the complete upstream and downstream industrial chain of machining.

focus areas

Focusing deeply on the intelligent manufacturing process of enterprises under the background of Shandong's new and old kinetic energy conversion, it fully demonstrates the forward-looking thinking, cutting-edge technologies, development trends and innovation prospects of the industry.


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