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Robot Gearbox And Harmonic Drives In Robotics

Robots are mainly divided into four categories: industrial robots, collaborative robots, service robots and special robots. The first two types of robots are mainly used in industrial production, and the third type of robots are generally not used in manufacturing, but are mainly used in the service industry. Collaborative robots cooperate with workers in industrial production, so they are independent of the industrial robot category. Harmonic robot speed reducer is widely used in industrial robots and collaborative robots.


Categories of Harmonic Robot Gearbox

Harmonic robot speed reducer can be divided into general-purpose, special-purpose and precision reducers, among which precision reducers are mainly used in the robot industry. ①Harmonic drive robot universal reducer: generally refers to robot harmonic drive, worm turbine reducer and robot planetary gearbox reducer, mainly small and medium-sized, which are widely used in various industries; ②Harmonic drive robot special reducer: generally large and extra large, mostly dedicated to the industry Reducer, such as automobile reducer, photovoltaic reducer, wind power reducer; ③Harmonic drive robot precision reducer: mainly micro and small, generally refers to RV reducer or china harmonic reducer, widely used in industrial robots, machine tools, semiconductors, aviation High-precision scenarios such as aerospace are especially widely used in articulated robots.

Harmonic Drive For Robots

Robot Harmonic Drive VS RV Reducer

Among the precision harmonic drive robot arm reducers, compared with the RV reducer, the harmonic gear drive reducer has a simpler structure, smaller mass and volume, higher single-stage transmission ratio and higher precision, and harmonic drives in robotics has an irreplaceable position in the field of robotics. RV reducer: It has a large transmission ratio range, relatively stable precision, high fatigue strength, and higher rigidity and torque bearing capacity. It has advantages in heavy-load parts such as robot arms and machine bases. Due to the characteristics of large external dimensions, it cannot be developed into the light and flexible light load field. 

Harmonic drive robot reducer: The robot speed reducer has the advantages of large single-stage transmission ratio, small volume, small mass, high motion precision, and can work normally in confined space and medium radiation conditions. Compared with the general reducer, when the output torque is the same, the volume of the harmonic robot reducer can be reduced by 2/3 and the weight can be reduced by 1/2, which makes it light and flexible in the robot forearm, wrist, hand, etc. Taller components have irreplaceable advantages.

The application field of robot harmonic drive reducer is currently dominated by various robots, in addition to CNC machine tools, semiconductor, photovoltaic, medical and other equipment fields.

Harmonic Drive Robot Arm Applications

Robot harmonic drive has extensive applications in robot arm gearboxes, particularly in the field of robotic arms. Harmonic drive robot arms utilize these drives for their compact size, high precision, and efficient power transmission. By incorporating harmonic robotic gearbox drives into robot arm gearboxes, precise and smooth motion control can be achieved, allowing for accurate positioning and manipulation of objects. Harmonic drives offer advantages over traditional planetary gear robot arm systems, such as reduced backlash and improved torque-to-weight ratio, making them ideal for high-performance robot arm applications. Their compact design and superior performance make harmonic drive robot arms well-suited for various industries, including manufacturing, automation, and research.

Robot Planetary Gearbox Applications

A robot planetary gearbox, such as the VersaPlanetary gearbox, plays a vital role in robot arm applications. Designed specifically for robotics, a planetary gear system offers advantages such as compactness, high torque capacity, and precise motion control. The planetary robot arm gearbox efficiently transmits power from the motor to the robot arm, allowing for accurate positioning and smooth operation. With its versatile design and customizable options, the VersaPlanetary robotic gearbox provides flexibility in robot arm applications, accommodating different torque requirements and gear ratios. Its reliability and performance make the harmonic robot planetary gearbox a popular choice in various industries, including manufacturing, automation, and robotics research.

How Does A Robot Arm Gearbox Work?

Motor Input: 

The process of robot arm gearbox begins with the motor generating high-speed, low-torque rotational energy, typically electrically powered.

Gear Reduction: 

The robot gear box consists of a set of gears arranged in specific ratios, employing gear reduction principles. This reduces the speed of the motor output while increasing torque.

Planetary Gear Arrangement:

Many robot arm gearboxes incorporate planetary gear arrangements, providing a compact and efficient solution for gear reduction. Planetary gears rotate around a central sun gear, contributing to the overall reduction.

Increased Torque at Output Shaft: 

As the gears mesh, the mechanical advantage gained through reduction results in a significant increase in torque at the output shaft of the robotic gearbox.

Transmission to Robot Arm Joints:

The transformed output from the robot planetary gearbox, characterized by lower speed and higher torque, is transmitted to the joints of the robot arm.

Precise and Controlled Movement:

The harmonic robot gearbox's role is crucial in providing the necessary torque for precise and controlled movement of the robot arm, allowing it to perform various tasks accurately and efficiently in industrial, manufacturing, or research settings.

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