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Harmonic Drive Reducer for Aerospace

The harmonic reducer was born in the lunar exploration period of the United States and the Soviet Union in the last century, mainly to solve the urgent needs of the aerospace motion mechanism for a reducer with compact structure, light weight, small volume, large reduction ratio, high transmission efficiency and high transmission accuracy.

Research About Harmonic Reducer For Aerospace

As a high-performance reducer with compact structure, light weight, small volume, large reduction ratio, high transmission efficiency, high transmission precision and high transmission rigidity, china harmonic reducer has been widely used in robot harmonic drive and aerospace fields. Through the research on the application of harmonic reducer in the solar wing deployment mechanism, antenna pointing mechanism, scanning mechanism, planetary lander traveling wheel drive mechanism, space robot drive joint and missile steering gear and other space mechanisms, a space high-precision harmonic is proposed. 

The key technologies and development trends of the reducer are presented, and the future applications of harmonic reducers in space robots, precise positioning and pointing mechanisms, and solar wing deployment mechanisms are prospected.

Development Technology Of Harmonic Reducer For Aerospace

In addition, the development technology of the harmonic reducer is also analyzed and studied from the perspectives of materials, processing technology, heat treatment and optimization design technology, and from the space environment, the lubrication method, service life, And the transmission characteristics in the environment of vacuum, strong radiation and large temperature difference are analyzed, which provides a reference for the research and development of space harmonic reducer.

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